Week 3 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $STX Top Reversal

By | April 11, 2016

My only trade was STX. Again, Top Reversals only. I really wanted this to pop to 36.23. See daily chart below. It just didn't get there during my preferred trading time. I only trade an hour everyday due to time difference as I am based in Australia. As I review my trades, I realise I am leaving alot of $ on the table. Need to work on my exits and also a possible reshot on any pops if the daily chart warrants it. If stock is reversing on daily, i will avoid reshort but if a stock just poped to ridiculous levels above a rising trend, I will try to reshort pops with much smaller size.

Started to increase size on my trades. Had 1000 today. Felt risky though.

P & L - $180



$STX Daily chart


End of Day Chart


Missed Opportunities that poped up on Scanner - All top reversals

$DAL - before 10am so I was hesitant

$CLR - before 10am so I was hesitant

$KORS - Was managing STX trade

$C - Didn't even look. To be reviewed tonight

$SA - Was busy with $STX. To be reviewed tonight

$WDC - Was busy with $STX. To be reviewed tonight

$WYN - After 11am. Had already booked profits, didn't want to get into the lull trade time and give back my hard earned profit 😛



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