Week 1 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $NXPI Top Reversal Trade

By | March 30, 2016


 * Trade 1  - Wasn't patient with entry. Cut it off.

* Trade 2 - Perfect entry but lacked patience. Working on this.

Relevant Note - This was not based on the Reversal scanner. Should try to stick to ONLY tickers that pop up on this scanner as I get more time to draw levels and reversal is much more likely

$NXPI 5 Minute chart

P & L - $2.00 Flat overall


 End of Day Chart


Nothing to report on Australian stocks that I am swinging - $88e & $MOX

Reversal Charts to review - Stocks That Popped up on Reversal Scanner


$RH  minute chart FULL DAY




$RDUS 5 minute chart FULL DAY

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