Trading Week 7 [Friday] – Reversals & Opening Range Breakouts/Downs ($GIS, $CPB)

By | February 17, 2017

Set ups I am focusing on

  • Gap Downs
  • Opening Range Breakups/Downs
  • Reversals
  • Context Play - including Trend Continuation (All Day Hold)

Green Day

$GIS (Gap Down)

Got greedy and then started revenge trading. NOT GOOD! Only thing i did well was sticking to stops.Need to look at daily chart for big picture when trading. Writing was on the wall if i looked at the daily and waited at $60 for the short.






$CPB (Gap Down)

Great set up and was patient for rejection of VWAP. Liked the trade because of the way we had 4 candles run up to VWAP. Trade worked perfectly because of the 20MA. My exits where conservative as always but at least I sized out slowly. Should have held some for break of $59


I realised recently with futures that the best odds for successful trades is understanding multiple time frames before jumping into a trade. $CPB multiple time frames below illustrate that.





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