Trading Week 12 [Thursday] – Reversals & Opening Range Breakouts/Downs ($NVDA)

By | March 24, 2017

Red Day - That is what you get trading stocks that are not in play and have no catalyst behind the move.

I basically over traded and was trading random setups. I need to stick to my strategy. It has 75% win rate.

$NVDA (Random Trading)
Catalyst - none


Trade Entries/Exits - Clear illustration of over trading and making brokers happy!

Multiple Time Frames

Below is a breakdown of my stupid trades today!

Trade 1


Trade 22017-03-23_NVDA_Trade_2

Trade 32017-03-23_NVDA_Trade_3

Trade 42017-03-23_NVDA_Trade_4

Trade 52017-03-23_NVDA_Trade_5

Trade 62017-03-23_NVDA_Trade_6

Trade 72017-03-23_NVDA_Trade_7

Trade 82017-03-23_NVDA_Trade_8

Trade 9


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