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Trading Week 8 [Wednesday] – Reversals & Opening Range Breakouts/Downs ($TLLP, $YUM)

Set ups I am focusing onGap DownsOpening Range Breakups/DownsReversalsContext Play – including Trend Continuation (All Day Hold)Green Day$TLLP (Gap Down)CatalystPublic Offering – http://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesoro-logistics-lp-announces-public-210901040.htmlBig Picture View I want to analyse the picture view right before the open. This means I look at multiple time frames like 15, 30 and 60 minute. The Day chart helps identify the Gap… Read More »

Red Trades Review – 2017.02 (February)

February 22th$YUM Trade taken out of frustration. I usually like to have profits locked in by 9.45am then watch for A+ set ups to trade with less share size.Trade ChartMultiple Time FameFebruary 17th$GISTrade one, got greedy. I need to lock in immediately I am up or at worst put in a profit stop.Next mistake was shorting consolidation… Read More »