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African Copper Corporation (ACCS): Victory Mark Corp Scam

Why You Should Never Buy Penny Stocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yesterday was a very interesting day in “Pump World”. Victory Mark Corp released their pick as promised and that was at 09:30am EST as promised. Stock opened at about 14.5c and I was tempted to buy. In fact I placed several orders that didn’t get filled. I cancelled all… Read More »

George Sharp & ACCS

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Pump annd Dump Watchlist: Thursday 20 June 2013

Not much in “Pump World”. Yesterday was a bloodbath for LUVE, SCXN, USEI, and many others. As always pumpers never give up and this is good for traders like me 🙂New PumpsVictory Mark Corp – New pick coming at 09:30am EST. (******to be updated at 09:30am***ACCS***) Very keen to watch as last pump was XUII… Read More »