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Blogging Again – Staying Focussed

I recently went through a trading slump where everything went backwards. Everything I touch seems not to work but I am determined to make this work. After trading silently and posing trades on my twitter account @thehypetrader I realise I need to account document my trades on this blog and go through my trades daily.I… Read More »

2015: Week 3 – [Trading Week 1] – Day 2

Date – 2015.02.19, ThursdayTrading Day 2 – (GREEN)Pros- Stuck to good set ups- Very good exits on all positionsCons- Fearing to pull the trigger! I had some awesome opportunity on $CLRX but hesitated to enter a short sell position at $2.70 Need to work on gaining confidence to short at these resistance levels sometimes. Will… Read More »

2015: Week 3 – Short Selling Stocks [Trading Week 1] – Tuesday 17 February

I have officially started trading again….little bit earlier than my proposed March start date.Added funds into my Sure Trader account and was fascinated by the speed at which it all happened. Sure Trader has really improved. I used a credit card and my and the funds where instantly in my trading account! Cool…Lets go.Prior to… Read More »