Pump annd Dump Watchlist: Thursday 20 June 2013

By | June 20, 2013

Not much in "Pump World". Yesterday was a bloodbath for LUVE, SCXN, USEI, and many others. As always pumpers never give up and this is good for traders like me 🙂

New Pumps

Victory Mark Corp - New pick coming at 09:30am EST. (******to be updated at 09:30am***ACCS***) Very keen to watch as last pump was XUII and it did well on day one. Chasing will spell disaster for long SUCKERS. 🙁

AXXU - formely pumped by Tribeca Group. This one has been trending up even before last nights emails from the promoters. Interesting to see how it works out. The promoters diclaimer states ...."PremiereStockAlerts has been compensated via a bank wire transfer thirty seven thousand dollars USD, by an unrelated third-party, Microcap Consultants LLC., for the marketing of Axxess Unlimited Inc. (AXXU)"

Others - several other groups alerting at 09:30am EST. Most are not worth watching but who know 🙂

Old Pumps

PSID - Down trending slowly but more pump emails last night.

XUII - This pump is finally over. No pump emails from APS and VMC has decided to move on to the next pick that they are releasing today.

SRBL- Blatant pump and dump that continues to spike. There is resistance at 70c and 76c area.

SCXN - More pumpers crowding in on this one as a bounce play. Closely watching

GNIN - Dead cat bounce setting up here. Worth having on todays watchlist as market it bearish. this might affect these pumped stocks.

I hate this play. Everytime the setup is right my broker doesn't have shares for me to short. Ugly :(

SCXN - Interesting play. Careful as it closed strong and more pump emails last night

HAIR - More emails last night even though the trend has been to the downside. Anyway, I like playing manipulated stocks so I might as well watch

PSID - Being pumped again. OMG, promoters never give up! This explains why shorting long term is DANGEROUS! Best to take "safe profits" before the end of the day

Pump & Dump Watchlist: Tuesday 18 June 2013

So many plays today but careful as the market is bullish and stocks usually follow the trend.


Old Pumps to Keep an Eye on





Pump & Dump Watchlist: Monday 17 June 2013

Last week was pretty lousy for me. I only managed to make one trade :( but I'm happy I didn't force trades that didn't exist!

Todays Pumps

The Next Pshyco Pick - TEWI

This week looks promising. We have a Psycho Pick at 09:30am EST. Apparently its a 2cent stock that they believe should spike to 10cents and above. I will only buy if it's uncompensated and sell pretty much immediately lol. The Pshyco picks have been unsuccessful irrespective of weather compensated or uncompensated so the plays are risky if you are trying to be a Long SUCKER :( As always I will be keen to short but if the pick is uncompensated I will let level 2 influence my actions.

The Next PennyStock Crew Pick - ASAE

These guys have had a pretty good run with picks and  but after day one it's an obvious short. Problem is their plays haven't been shortable at my favourite broker. I wouldn't advise anyone to go long on these clowns :)

LUVE - I'm way too excited to play this one!! Huge budget  as stated in the disclaimer...."Stock Appeal LLC has been compensated up to $100,000 USD for increased public awareness of LUVE by a third party. It is to be assumed that one or more third parties as well as current shareholders may have shares and may choose to liquidate them at or about the same time these services are performed, which may negatively affect the stock price. This compensation constitutes a conflict of interest as to our ability to remain objective in our communication regarding the profiled companies. All direct and third party compensation received is and will be fully disclosed in any communication regarding a profiled company"


Old Pumps

BIZM - Shortable at suretrader today as I write this post. That might change at the open lol

DOMK - Very unpredictable play. I once shorted on day one and got burned lol

SRBL - too slow but worth watching

OBJE - has had a couple of red days. Watching

Pump and Dump Watchlist: Friday 14 June 2013

This week has been awfully quiet for me in terms of plays but I have so far stuck to my rules. Only trading setups that actually give the best potential in terms of risk reward. I only trade 80/20 setups and will avoid trading anything that doesn't fit this criteria.

I trade stocks that are promoted heavily by various groups but also prefer sticking to certain promoters who I now understand and can easily predict how their picks will act.

Unfortunately this list is so small and if their picks are not shortable at Sure Trader then I miss out. I never go long on stocks as they are all scams that are destined to fail anyway so I find it more logical to stick to the short side.

In saying that though, I planned a couple of trades yesterday but chickened out due to price action favoring the Long suckers :) Days like these do come up and I happily sit back like this.....


and wait until the right time comes around. I wanted to short sell PSID but Level 2 suggested I would be wrong on all accounts so I avoided the trade. I think today might be the first red day but until Level 2 clearly indicates this I will watch on the sidelines.

Today BCYP could spike due to the uncompensated promo emails that went around on it last night. For one reason or another, I'm tempted to go long on this because it is uncompensated! :)

SRBL & BMIX are stocks I'm closely watching as potential shorts. I would have preferred to have some promotional emails out before shorting. This usually results in fast gains! Otherwise shorting purely on price action and charts is boring!!

Pump and Dump Watchlist: Tuesday 11 June 2013

Nothing interesting today. Can't find a set up that suits my strategy and unless a very good play is alerted at market open by the pumpers, I will simply watch on the sidelines.

I enjoy days when I don't have to go through the emotions of trading!

Pump and Dump Watchlist: Monday 10 June 2013

*****Please be advised, I only specialize in stocks priced between 5 cents and 5 dollars******

No much happening but I have been actively trading behind the scenes.

Today's potential trades;

GNIN - Previously pumped and is now spiking up again. Volume is up as well.

BMIX - I have been wanting to short this one but everyday I get scared when the market opens. Guess I prefer sticking to my strategy that has a 70% win ratio but would really love this stock. :)

RJDG - Interesting Bull exchange pump that is going no where. Potential short is available at SureTrader

XUII - APS current pump that has performed averagely compared to their previous pumps. Watching for bounce plays but I suck at going long so maybe a No No :(

CLGZF - Another pump to consider trading today. Trade only if price action is favorable.


Pump & Dump Watchlist – Wednesday 29 May 2013

It's been a while since I last posted here. Been busy working through other projects and also the market has been slow for my short biased trading style.

Pumps I am watching today

OLIE - a compensated Tribeca pump and dump. This stock was pumped on 22 April and it was red on the day. So given Tribeca's history I reckon this will end red.


WCYN - This was pumped yesterday by this mob. History shows that after day one these guys picks head south. Careful though as this pick was uncompensated. It was also previously pumped by this very mob and closed green. Next day it gapped and run north before heading south and closing red on the day! Nice play here. Good risk reward!! :)


SRBL - This pump has gone on forever and pumpsanddumps.com has sent out several emails reminding everyone on the potential danger of holding this long term. Chart actually confirms why you should avoid it!



Disclaimer -This watchlist is a summary of my ideas and personal opinion, not recommendations to buy or sell. Read full disclaimer here

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