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Week 3 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $DLPH Top Reversal

Traded scared even though set up was A+That is why you need to cut losing trades quickly.$DLPH End of Day Chart $FCX Perfect example of why you shouldn’t follow anyone. I followed even though set up was based on what someone else was anticipating on Oil. For now I have balcklisted all Oil stocks. I will NOT trade… Read More »

2016 Trades Review – April Week 1

Trading Journey of the Average AussieLooks like staying focused on one strategy at a time is really paying off. I have gained confidence and stopped following the crowd. The gains are small but its only because I use small size for most part and cover my trades quickly. I am learning and growing so the… Read More »

Week 2 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $VRTX & $ MBY Top Reversal Trade

Traded scared today but it’s okay. Stuck to my Strategy and only traded Top Reversals. Was trying to be patient on both trades but had small size so closed trades quickly as alway. Second green day is good for my phsycology. I need to maintain consistency. Plan to be green each day this week.$VRTXEnd Of Day… Read More »

Week 1 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $NXPI Top Reversal Trade

  * Trade 1  – Wasn’t patient with entry. Cut it off.* Trade 2 – Perfect entry but lacked patience. Working on this.* Relevant Note – This was not based on the Reversal scanner. Should try to stick to ONLY tickers that pop up on this scanner as I get more time to draw levels and reversal is… Read More »