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Week 4 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $VLO, BOFI Top Reversals

Not sure what got into my head and I started trading $UVXY. Was really dumb of me. considering it wasn’t a reversal. I was so obsesses ith SPY gapping down and fading all day. Anyways, got out and focused but that trade disorganised me. VLO BOFI  UVXYP & L – -$67.98 Share the post “Week 4 (Focus… Read More »

Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) New Pick for September

Penny stock suckers speculating and losing money on Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) New Pick. Many have already lost money buying into PVEN thinking it was the “one”!Ohh well, greed is ugly! Can’t blame penny stock morons.And now Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) sends this email to all “premium” subscribers…what a big joke Share the post “Awesome… Read More »

STSC – Scam!! Why You Should Never Buy Penny Stocks

Disclaimer from same promoter pasted below. Note how they clearly state that they have been paid $15,000. Hypocrisy at it’s best!  is not a licensed financial advisor. This is a paid advertisement. PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER IN FULL  does its best to bring you accurate information but errors may and sometimes do occur. Always… Read More »

African Copper Corporation (ACCS): Victory Mark Corp Scam

Why You Should Never Buy Penny Stocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yesterday was a very interesting day in “Pump World”. Victory Mark Corp released their pick as promised and that was at 09:30am EST as promised. Stock opened at about 14.5c and I was tempted to buy. In fact I placed several orders that didn’t get filled. I cancelled all… Read More »

George Sharp & ACCS Share the post “George Sharp & ACCS” FacebookTwitterGoogle+

Pump annd Dump Watchlist: Thursday 20 June 2013

Not much in “Pump World”. Yesterday was a bloodbath for LUVE, SCXN, USEI, and many others. As always pumpers never give up and this is good for traders like me 🙂New PumpsVictory Mark Corp – New pick coming at 09:30am EST. (******to be updated at 09:30am***ACCS***) Very keen to watch as last pump was XUII… Read More »

Pump & Dump Watchlist: Wednesday 19 June 2013

Holy molly we are heading towards Xmass fast 🙂 June is almost gone hehe 🙂 🙂Pump World Today 🙂There are a couple of plays.LUVE – Number one pump that I’m dying to short! The last time I shorted this POS it “LUVEd” $250 from my account! Damn, I sure want to get a piece of… Read More »

Pump & Dump Watchlist: Tuesday 18 June 2013

So many plays today but careful as the market is bullish and stocks usually follow the trend.06182013Old Pumps to Keep an Eye onSRBL BMIXBCYP ASCC GNIN Share the post “Pump & Dump Watchlist: Tuesday 18 June 2013” FacebookTwitterGoogle+