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Red Trades Review – 2017.02 (February)

February 22th$YUM Trade taken out of frustration. I usually like to have profits locked in by 9.45am then watch for A+ set ups to trade with less share size.Trade ChartMultiple Time FameFebruary 17th$GISTrade one, got greedy. I need to lock in immediately I am up or at worst put in a profit stop.Next mistake was shorting consolidation… Read More »

Week 5 (Focus on Quality Reversals & Opening Range Breakups/Downs)

Last week was one of my best reminders that Short Selling is great but can screw you over if you don’t follow a strict set of rules. The loss on URI was a replica of my RRC loss! I wasn’t following rules and held the position after 11:00am. I should have known better. After 11am… Read More »

Learning from my Biggest Losses to Date – Respect Price Action & What the Chart is Telling You!

In this pictorial post, I took the time to go over my large losses in great detail to understand what happened. I hope this will help me remember what I shouldn’t be doing as  trade day in day out. My long term goal is to get profitable and finally trade full time. To do this I… Read More »

Week 3 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $RLYP, NUGT & $SM Top Reversal

Nice day. Started with a dumb trade on $RLYP. Shorted thinking bad news, so quick pop into resistance and wash out but boy was I wrong. Charts below in order of how I traded from $RLYP to $NUGT then finally $SM $RLYPWHY – Stupid FOMO. Should have waited for entry at the 200SMA.Exit – Was sick… Read More »

Week 3 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $DLPH Top Reversal

Traded scared even though set up was A+That is why you need to cut losing trades quickly.$DLPH End of Day Chart $FCX Perfect example of why you shouldn’t follow anyone. I followed even though set up was based on what someone else was anticipating on Oil. For now I have balcklisted all Oil stocks. I will NOT trade… Read More »