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2016 Trades Review – April Week 1

Trading Journey of the Average AussieLooks like staying focused on one strategy at a time is really paying off. I have gained confidence and stopped following the crowd. The gains are small but its only because I use small size for most part and cover my trades quickly. I am learning and growing so the… Read More »

Week 1 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $NXPI Top Reversal Trade

  * Trade 1  – Wasn’t patient with entry. Cut it off.* Trade 2 – Perfect entry but lacked patience. Working on this.* Relevant Note – This was not based on the Reversal scanner. Should try to stick to ONLY tickers that pop up on this scanner as I get more time to draw levels and reversal is… Read More »

Blogging Again – Staying Focussed

I recently went through a trading slump where everything went backwards. Everything I touch seems not to work but I am determined to make this work. After trading silently and posing trades on my twitter account @thehypetrader I realise I need to account document my trades on this blog and go through my trades daily.I… Read More »