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Week 4 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $VLO, BOFI Top Reversals

Not sure what got into my head and I started trading $UVXY. Was really dumb of me. considering it wasn’t a reversal. I was so obsesses ith SPY gapping down and fading all day. Anyways, got out and focused but that trade disorganised me. VLO BOFI  UVXYP & L – -$67.98 Share the post “Week 4 (Focus… Read More »

Week 3 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $RLYP, NUGT & $SM Top Reversal

Nice day. Started with a dumb trade on $RLYP. Shorted thinking bad news, so quick pop into resistance and wash out but boy was I wrong. Charts below in order of how I traded from $RLYP to $NUGT then finally $SM $RLYPWHY – Stupid FOMO. Should have waited for entry at the 200SMA.Exit – Was sick… Read More »

Week 3 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $DLPH Top Reversal

Traded scared even though set up was A+That is why you need to cut losing trades quickly.$DLPH End of Day Chart $FCX Perfect example of why you shouldn’t follow anyone. I followed even though set up was based on what someone else was anticipating on Oil. For now I have balcklisted all Oil stocks. I will NOT trade… Read More »

2016 Trades Review – April Week 1

Trading Journey of the Average AussieLooks like staying focused on one strategy at a time is really paying off. I have gained confidence and stopped following the crowd. The gains are small but its only because I use small size for most part and cover my trades quickly. I am learning and growing so the… Read More »

Week 1 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $NXPI Top Reversal Trade

  * Trade 1  – Wasn’t patient with entry. Cut it off.* Trade 2 – Perfect entry but lacked patience. Working on this.* Relevant Note – This was not based on the Reversal scanner. Should try to stick to ONLY tickers that pop up on this scanner as I get more time to draw levels and reversal is… Read More »