2016 Trades Review – April Week 2

By | April 17, 2016

In line with my current plan, I stuck to the Top Reversals Set Up. I have gained more confidence this week even with my BIG LOSS on $RRC. The gains increased slightly on a daily basis but I left way too much on the table because I cover my profitable trades quickly. My biggest setback this week was that $RRC loss that I have literally tattooed on my forehead lol. I actually printed the chart and placed it on my wall just so I look at it everytime I see a trade going against me. Maybe that will tame my losses. am reviewing that trade in great detail with my mentor today.

Gross P & L for April Week 2 - -$1366.31


Weekly P&L Summary for Week Ending 2016.04.15 2016 April - Week 2Detailed Charts for Each Day listed here;

Monday - STX

Tuesday - RRC, SM,JNPR

Wednesday - DLPH, FCX

Thursday - AAL, FRC

Friday - RLYP, NUGT, SM


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