2015: Week 1 – Short Selling Stocks [Study]

By | February 5, 2015

I took quite a bit of time out of trading due to personal reasons. Back in 2013 I learned how to trade and primarily focused on trading OTC's.I specialized in short selling promoted stocks and I was quite good at it but that was after realizing I am not a good on the long side.

I suck at going long!!


Maybe one day that will change.

After  this long break I have been able to save up and pretty much get myself back into the groove of things. Studying has been on and off during this one year break but I still understand the basics. I am currently studying everything that can help me be a good SHORT BIASED trader. I will attempt to keep away from the LONG side until such a time that I'm comfortable with a couple of Short Selling set ups. No point trying to do everything thing. Besides, over the last couple of months I have noticed that there are certain very profitable traders that only focus on a few set ups. @elkwood66 is a perfect example. He only shorts stocks from what I have observed.

My last attempts at Short Selling showed very encouraging results as displayed below;

short selling

Anyway, for now it's simply study study study until end of February and hopefully I will be ready to take baby steps in March!

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