Week 4 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $VLO, BOFI Top Reversals

Not sure what got into my head and I started trading $UVXY. Was really dumb of me. considering it wasn’t a reversal. I was so obsesses ith SPY gapping down and fading all day. Anyways, got out and focused but that trade disorganised me. VLO BOFI  UVXYP & L – -$67.98 Share the post “Week 4 (Focus… Read More »

2016 Trades Review – April Week 2

In line with my current plan, I stuck to the Top Reversals Set Up. I have gained more confidence this week even with my BIG LOSS on $RRC. The gains increased slightly on a daily basis but I left way too much on the table because I cover my profitable trades quickly. My biggest setback… Read More »

Week 3 (Focus on Reversals ONLY) – $AAL & $FRC Top Reversal

$AAL – really need to work on patience and avoid this trading scared mentality. Could have booked great profits today. Eitherway, I am green so I shouldn’t complain much.   FRC – Oh boy, this one popped just as I was about to shut down my PC. Took a quick scalp P & L – $219 Share… Read More »